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初中英語作文—眼見為實 To See Is to Believe

2017-12-13 19:57:16 來源:啟達教育網

efore I go to travel, I get used to searching the information about the tourist sites and pay special attention to tourist guide, then I will follow the lines that the books advise. I will say no to the place that the author give bad comment. But a special trip change my attitude to tourist guide. I went to a small but famous city. When I reached my destination and talked to the owner of the hotel, I asked his advice for site seeing, then he told me to hang around, never followed the tourist guide, because the scenery you saw could make judgement. I started to think about my travel lines and decided not to follow the books. At last, I found the place that never mentioned in the book was so attractive and worth to have a look. I understand the words, to see is to believe.